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Elastic Jacket Shirt effect   / texture of organic cotton and elastic nylon. It has two metal zip pockets below the chest. Carry closure with small rivets of automatics clips. The pockets are real and practical. original detail of removable silver ring in one on the metal zip. Wear warm and comfortable to combine with all kinds of silhouettes and garments.

-wide Shoulders: 43 cm
-waist width: 56 cm
-hip-width: 56 cm
-length sleeves: 67 cm
-total length from shoulders : 82 cm

Feel free to contact me if you have any concern about the size, shipment, payment: juanmabyelcuco@gmail.com


Elástica Camisa efecto chaqueta / textura de algodón orgánico y nylon elastico. Lleva dos bolsillos con cremallera metálica por debajo del pecho. Lleva cierre con pequeños remaches de automaticos. Los bolsillos son reales y prácticos. original detalle de anilla plateada extraible en una de las creamalleras. Prenda cálida y confortable para combinar con todo tipo de siluetas y prendas.

-Ancho desde hombros: 43 cm
-Ancho de cintura: 56 cm
-Ancho de cadera: 56 cm
-Largo de mangas: 67 cm
-Largo total desde hombros: 82 cm

No dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo si usted tiene alguna pregunta acerca del tamaño, el envío, el pago: juanmabyelcuco@gmail.com

  • Tejido de algodón nylon
  • Cierre de botones metálicos en la parte delantera
  • Bolsillos con cremallera en el delantero
  • Manga larga con puños abotonados

Juanma Granero (Barcelona, ​​1978) is the designer of the firm Juanma by el Cuco. He began his artistic career in the world of illustration and faced the dilemma of continuing illustration or focussing on the fashion world, the need to create garments led him to study ifashion design at la Llotja, the School of Art and Design in Barcelona, supplementing with studies in industrial patterning at the Guerrero School, where, through color and texture, he approaches fashion through the applied arts.Thus Juanma Granero combines his two passions, art and fashion, which are reflected in his work at Juanma by el Cuco.

A key part of his work is the patterning of the garments and fabrics and prints used, as their designs are based on the volumes created by the female form. Music and photography are two of his hobbies and those aesthetic inspirations are reflected in all his collections.

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